Your wedding gown is now home and ready to be stored as a treasured keepsake.

You may be storing your gown for your own sentimental reason or as a family heirloom for generations to come.

Here are some guidelines that will help you successfully store your gown.

WHERE to Store Your Gown.

  • Choose a storage area that is close to the middle of the house or building.

  • The ground floor of a home is cooler than upper stories.

  • Choose a cupboard that doesn't back onto an outside wall or a bathroom.

HOW to Store the Box:

  • Wrap the box with a cotton sheet (old flat bed sheet is perfect) to protect from dust, pests and pets.


  • Use the date of your wedding anniversary to check:

    • Storage area - is it still dry, clean and free of other items stored on top of the box.

    • Replace a pest prevention method such as cedar balls or lavender sachets (store outside of box). Click each word to see samples.

    • Use a humidity absorber in homes that attract a high moisture content (store outside of box)

  • Replace the tissue paper after ten years.

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"Door to door service. Amazing. They came to my house and picked everything up. The gown was boxed and preserved. They came to my house and dropped it all off."



"Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation was so lovely in responding to my questions about the wedding gown. Beth was very helpful and explained how they would preserve it. This is my daughters gown and it was very dirty due to the wind blowing during photos. The train was the dirtiest part of the gown. It looks brand new. I can't thank the team enough. Wonderful service.

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