Love Cooking

and Kids?

Want to create a business that combines your two passions?

Hi, I'm Beth

Earlier this year a kids activity platform provider commented to me - Beth there is so many enquiries about kids cooking but there’s hardly anyone doing it.

The comment reignited an idea that had been brewing in the back of my mind for over 12 months.

I’ve been teaching kids to cook in schools, workshops, events etc for the last ten years.

Now I open up the doors of opportunity to others to join me in empowering more kids to cook.

I open up my resources, my contacts and experience accrued over the years, making them available to you to establish your own programs and activities, in your own unique way.

We want to see a bunch of passionate people taking their love for food and joy of working with kids into local Australian communities and helping families, groups and schools - teach kids to cook.

Beth xx

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